KIDSEnvironmentAccountability Charitable Initiative of the Milwaukee Wave Soccer Team
School Assemblies

Milwaukee Wave players go out to over one hundred schools a year and share some of their personal experiences relating to the 4 E’s:

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Wave Game Days

The Milwaukee Wave also has two game days set aside just for students.  The games begin at 10:00am and end at 12:30pm, this...

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Wave of Hope Drives

Our Milwaukee Wave charity drives are run regularly at the games during our soccer season.  Previous charitable drives have included toy, book and hat and mitten drives.

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Wave of Hope

ilwaukee Wave of Hope

The Milwaukee Wave of Hope’s mission is to strive for an environment in which children can be educated on wellness and positive lifestyles. We support multiple youth-centered organizations in need of assistance, all of whom share our vision of kids having access to clean water, healthier food and regular exercise. Each of these organizations is accountable for helping children meet the crucial needs of growing up properly, all the while detailing the growth of their performance. The process is not strictly a learning experience for kids in the community – we enjoy making it fun! Here at the Wave of Hope, we show our dedication by arranging school visits from Milwaukee Wave soccer players, allowing the kids to interact on a personal level with professional athletes. The curriculums we create tackle environmental improvements, as well as continuing to encourage exercising and eating right.

Additionally, the Wave of Hope sets aside two free soccer games a year just for the students. We include transportation to the games and even forgo standard hotdog fare by providing the children with nutritious meals. In the past three years the Wave of Hope has donated well over a half a million dollars to support the youth of Milwaukee/Wisconsin.

Men of Character That's What These Players Are.

-Sue BlackOwner of the Milwaukee Wave

Milwaukee Wave of Hope Annual Fund Raising

Throughout each year, the Milwaukee Wave of Hope organizes family-centered fundraising activities, designed with the sole intention of bringing people together in a fun and exciting new way. Past fundraisers have included golf outings and an auction of our players’ uniforms. The Wave of Hope would love you to become involved in future fundraisers, whether your contribution is time or money. Imagine the difference you alone can make!

Wave of Hope Inspires Impactful Support

The Milwaukee Wave of Hope is driven by the dedication of our volunteers and their connection with our youth. Through the influential support of our generous advocates, the Wave of Hope’s endless dreams are increasingly becoming a reality. Any amount of time and money donated to the Wave of Hope is a significant game-changer in our organization. The Wave of Hope’s mission is to focus on the lives of our children early on, providing a foundation of habits which promote health and improve their overall quality of life. To everyone who has lent a hand in making this happen, the Wave of Hope is infinitely grateful.

Contact the Milwaukee Wave to learn more about our community involvement and upcoming Wave of Hope events