Thursday, February 26, 2015

This week the 2015 MASL Ron Newman Cup Playoffs begin with Divisional Playoff matchups. The first round of games includes the Divisional #2 and #3 seeds battling for a chance to take on each Division Champion.

Commissioner Kevin Milliken said "I am extremely excited about our first MASL playoffs, and the level of play that will be on display. All 12 teams in the playoffs have a legitimate chance to make it to the finals. We as a league could not have asked for more.”

After each Division Champion is crowned the conference finals will see the Eastern Division winner match up against the Central Division champ while the Southern Division takes on the Pacific Division.

Central Divisional Playoff Series:
Milwaukee Wave @ Chicago Mustangs    
Thursday, February 26, 2015
Sears Centre 7:00 p.m. CST

Chicago Mustangs @ Milwaukee Wave    
Saturday, March 7, 2015
UM-Milwaukee Panther Arena 3:05 p.m. CST

By the Numbers:
Milwaukee Wave: 13-7 regular season record. The Wave enter averaging 8.0 goals per game while allowing 5.4.
Chicago Mustangs: 11-9 regular season record. The Mustangs enter averaging 6.9 goals per game while allowing 6.7.
Season Series: Tied 1-1. 

Milwaukee Team Leaders:
Points:                                Goals:                                         Assists:                              Blocks:
Ian Bennett-41                     Ian Bennett- 36                            Marcio Leite-21                    Jonathan Greenfield- 19
Marcio Leite- 38                   Luan Sales Oliverio- 22                  Luan Sales Oliverio- 15         Mike Lookingland- 11
Luan Sales Oliverio- 37         Marcio Leite-17                             Bato Radoncic-14                 Victor Quiroz- 10
Tony Walls -27                     Tony Walls-17                               Victor Quiroz-11                  2 players tied with-5

Chicago Team Leaders:
Points:                                     Goals:                                Assists:                                  Blocks:
Efrain Martinez- 32                   Miguel Vaca- 18                     Efrain Martinez- 16                  Aurinei Parisotto-24
Miguel Vaca- 30                        Efrain Martinez- 16                Miguel Vaca- 12                       Joshio Sandoval- 22
Hewerton Moreira- 19               Hewerton Moreira-14              Guilherme Veiga- 11                Omar Santillan- 17
2 players tied with- 15              Omar Santillan-12                  Matthew Stewart- 7                 Guilherme Veiga-16 

Central Divisional Final:
The winner of the series will move on to face the Missouri Comets on Thursday, March 12th.
Missouri finished the regular season undefeated with a 20-0 record. The Comets are 2-0 against the Wave and 3-0 against the Mustangs this season.


Southern Divisional Playoff Game:
Oxford City FC of Texas @ Dallas Sidekicks    
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Allen Events Center 2:00 p.m. CST 

By the Numbers:
Texas Oxford City: 12-8 regular season record. Oxford City enters averaging 7.6 goals per game while allowing 6.7.
Dallas Sidekicks: 14-6 regular season record. The Sidekicks enter averaging 7.7 goals per game while allowing 4.7.
Season Series: Dallas leads 3-1.

Texas Team Leaders:
Points:                                Goals:                                Assists:                             Blocks:
Lucas Totti-55                      Lucas Totti- 35                     Lucas Totti- 20                    Carlos Farias- 8
David Malloy- 27                  David Malloy- 16                  Carlos Farias- 14                  Damien Garcia- 6
Franck Tayou- 21                 Franck Tayou- 13                 David Malloy- 11                  Alfie Robbens- 5
Carlos Farias-20                   David Parente- 11                Franck Tayou- 8                   3 tied with- 4

Dallas Team Leaders:
Points:                                  Goals:                                  Assists:                           Blocks:
Freddy Moojen- 52                 Freddy Moojen- 39                  Ricardinho- 17                 Kiley Couch-19
Cameron Brown- 31               Cameron Brown- 18                4 tied with- 13                 Fabinho Leite- 12
Fabinho Leite- 24                   Jamie Lovegrove-12                                                      Cody Ellis- 10
Shaun David - 24                  Carlos Videla-12                                                            2 tied with- 6

Southern Divisional Final:
The winner of the series will move on the face the Monterrey Flash on Sunday, March 8th.
Monterrey finished the regular season 18-2. The Flash are 2-0 against Texas Oxford City and 3-0 against the Sidekicks this season.

Pacific Divisional Playoff Game:
Las Vegas Legends @ Ontario Fury      
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Citizens Bank Arena 3:00 p.m. PST

By the Numbers:
Las Vegas Legends: 13-7 regular season record. The Legends enter averaging 8.6 goals per game while allowing 5.5.
Ontario Fury: 13-7 regular season record. The Fury enter averaging 8.5 goals per game while allowing 7.3.
Season Series: Ontario Leads 2-1.

Las Vegas Team Leaders:
Points:                                Goals:                                 Assists:                              Blocks:
Ivan Campos-46                   Ivan Campos- 17                  Ivan Campos-29                  Felipe Gonzalez- 21
Enrique Tovar- 39                 Jonathan Bravo- 16              Enrique Tovar- 27                 Enrique Tovar- 20
Felipe Gonzalez- 29               Luis Saurez-16                     Felipe Gonzalez-14               4 players tied with- 11
Jonathan Bravo -27               Felipe Gonzalez-15               Ricardo Sobreira-13             Uzi Tayou-10

Ontario Team Leaders:
Points:                                 Goals:                                 Assists:                               Blocks:
Tiguinho Dias- 53                  Tiguinho Dias- 31                  Tiguinho Dias- 22                 Jose Rodriguez- 14
Tino Nunez- 27                     Jamar Beasley- 13                 Bernie Lilavois- 16                Joey Pacheco- 10
Bernie Lilavois- 23                 3 tied with-12                       Tino Nunez- 15                    uan Topete- 9
Daniel Villela - 22                                                             Daniel Villela- 10                  Christian Saray- 9

Pacific Divisional Final:
The winner of the series will move on the face the San Diego Sockers on Saturday, March 7th.
San Diego finished the regular season 16-4. The Sockers are 2-2 against the Legends and 3-0 against the Fury this season.


Eastern Divisional Playoff Series:
Syracuse Silver Knights @ Rochester Lancers    
Thursday, March 5, 2015
Blue Cross Arena 7:05 p.m. EST 

Rochester Lancers @ Syracuse Silver Knights    
Sunday, March 8, 2015
Oncenter War Memorial Arena 4:00 p.m. EST

By the Numbers:
Syracuse Silver Knights: 11-8 with one regular season game remaining against Detroit. The Silver Knights enter averaging 7.1 goals per game while allowing 5.9.
Rochester Lancers: 10-9 with one regular season game remaining against Baltimore. The Lancers enter averaging 6.6 goals per game while allowing 5.5.
Season Series: Tied 3-3.

Syracuse Team Leaders:
Points:                                     Goals:                                  Assists:                                  Blocks:
Elmo Neto-38                            Elmo Neto- 26                       Nelson Santana- 17                  Nelson Santana- 22
Kenardo Forbes- 34                   Kenardo Forbes- 20                Kenardo Forbes- 14                  Marcos Chantel- 17
Nelson Santana- 28                   Slavisa Ubiparipovic-13           Slavisa Ubiparapovic-14            Darren Toby- 14
Slavisa Ubiparipovic -27             Anthony Grant-12                  Elmo Neto-12                           Nate Bourdeau-11

Rochester Team Leaders:
Points:                                    Goals:                                 Assists:                                Blocks:
Mauricio Salles- 52                   Mauricio Salles- 39                Andrew Hoxie- 15                  Stephen Basso-21
Joey Tavernese- 35                  Joey Tavernese- 22               Mauricio Salles- 13                 Jayme Kapinos- 16
Andrew Hoxie- 33                    Andrew Hoxie-18                  Joey Tavernese- 13                 Jake Schindler- 14
Yakiel Perez- 19                       Yakiel Perez-12                    Gary Boughton- 10                  JP Reyes- 11

Eastern Divisional Final:
The winner of the series will move on to face the Baltimore Blast on Wednesday, March 11th.  
Baltimore is 16-2 with two regular season games remaining against Harrisburg and Rochester. The Blast are 4-0 against the Silver Knights and 3-0 against the Lancers this season.

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