An organization in Masaka, Uganda, called Masaka Integrated Childcare and Advocacy Organization (MICAO), is looking for donations of soccer balls and soccer shoes. MICAO’s mission is to do whatever’s necessary to help orphans stay in school. The funds help MICAO pay students’ school costs, since there is no free schooling in Uganda. As supporters, WE will also help people who are willing to sponsor a specific child and pay that child’s school costs. 

Soccer is the main sport played and followed in Uganda. Village schools have no sports equipment. They make balls out of banana leaves and use them to play soccer. The balls are small and very hard, much like a slightly larger version of a baseball hard-ball. Most of the children in village schools have never played with a real soccer ball.

So, in addition to raising funds for students, WE can help MICAO support village schools by providing soccer balls and small air pumps. The schools are incredibly grateful for this equipment. Most of the girls play Netball, a form of basketball. The hoop is smaller than a basketball hoop. They use banana leaf balls because they don’t have actual sports balls. The #4 soccer balls work perfectly for netball.

Many of the high school teams play barefoot or, if they have shoes, they’re not soccer shoes. WE can donate used shoes that are still in good shape by bringing them to the December 28th and December 31st games. There will be a table and collection bin outside of section 200, the south entrance.

For more information, or to purchase tickets and bring your gently used soccer balls and cleats, please call 414.224.WAVE.