Your SIX TMIE CHAMPION Milwaukee Wave opens up the 2013-2014 (MISL) Major Indoor Soccer League Season against the Missouri Comets, who knocked the Wave out of the playoffs last season with a last second goal.

That game verses the Missouri Comet is one that remains stuck in many of the Wave player’s heads. The Wave were 37 seconds away from returning to the MISL Championships last season, before the Comets scored a goal with an extra attacker on the field. That win by the Comets forced a mini game 3 following the conclusion of game 2, where again the Wave lost in the final 4 seconds, 5-4.

This Saturday, November 16th, the Wave look to get pay back on the Missouri Comets for the two heartbreaking losses that took place last season and to make a statement within the MISL early on.

Kick-off is scheduled for 7:35pm CT at Independence Events Center in Independence, MO. 

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2013-2014 Milwaukee Wave Roster / Pronunciation Guide

0 Nick Vorberg GK 38 United States

1 Marcel Feenstra GK 32 Netherlands

2 Tenzin Rampa F 27 United States (Rom-pa)

3 Philip Suprise 23 D United States

4 Joseph/Andy Hackbarth D 23 United States

6 Judson McKinney D 25 Ivory Coast

7 Luan Oliveira F 25 Brazil (Oh-Live-Air-Ah)

8 Fabinho M 36 Brazil (Fa-bean-yo)

10 Jonatan Santos D 29 Brazil IR

12 Pablo M 33 Brazil

14 Nick Perera M 27 Spain (Per-air-ah)

15 Tony Walls D 23 United States

18 Carlos Munoz F 26 United States (Moon-yoz)

20 Marcelo Fontana M 40 Brazil

21 giuliano Oliviero M 39 Canada (Oh-live-ee-air-oh)

23 Victor Quiroz M 37 Mexico (Keer-ohs)

26 Ian Bennett F 30 Canada

28 Jonathan Greenfield D 31 South Africa

30 JC Banks M 24 United States

77 Marcio Leite M 29 Brazil (Lee-a-tay)

79 Hewerton F 34 Brazil (Ever-ton)

2013-2014 Missouri Comets Roster

5 Ramone Palmer MF

7 Vahid Assadpour MF

8 Milan Ivanovic MF

9 Stefan St. Louis F

10 Jeff Hughes MF

12 Robert Palmer MF

14 Leo Gibson F

15 Coady Andrews D

16 Andre Braithwaite D

18 Bryan Perez M

19 John Sosa MF

20 Stefan Stokic D

23 Byron Alvarez F

24 Danny Waltman GK

25 Brian Harris D

30 Ibrahim Kante D

32 Lucas Rodriguez MF

77 Alex Megson F

CLICK HERE TO WATCH TONIGHT'S GAME! | 7:35pm CT | Independence Events Center | Independence, Missouri.