The Major Arena Soccer League executive committee has approved several rule changes that will go into effect for the 2015-16 season that are focused on player safety and penalties.

Among the major rule changes for the new season, players will be assessed a two-minute penalty any time they engage in a two-footed tackle, regardless of whether or not they win the ball. The rule will also apply to goalkeepers who attempt a tackle outside the penalty area.

Also under the new rules is a new process put in place to deal with players accused of diving, embellishing or faking during a game. An opposing team will have 48 hours after a game, to submit a request for a review of incident to the league office. If a player is deemed guilty of diving, he will face a series of disciplinary actions, including fines and points toward their season accumulation. Among the other highlights of the new rules are:

·      Players will be ejected from a game if they accrue six fouls in a game.

·      Teams will no longer be allowed to employ a player/head coach in games.

·      Game-day rosters will expand to 15 players per game.

·      The player transfer deadline will be Jan. 15, 2016, or no more than 12 games, whichever comes first.

·      Teams must submit their 20-man playoff roster on Feb. 1, 2016. Teams may also add two additional active players to their roster on that day, who will be ineligible for the playoffs. Teams will be allowed to replace an injured goaltender after the roster freeze, pending a doctor’s diagnosis of the injury.

·      A second bench misconduct yellow card – coming from a player or non-player – will result in a two-minute power play for the opposing team, as well as the five-minute non-power play penalty.

Players will be suspended for one game, after receiving 6 penalty points and 10 penalty points and once a player reaches 12 penalty points, it will result in a two-game suspension. Players receive penalty points for card accumulation.

The Major Arena Soccer League will open the 2015-16 Nov. 1, 2015, with the season scheduled to end at the end of February. Teams will play a 20-game regular season schedule. Final schedules and division alignment will be announced in the coming weeks.


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